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ARCbuild's innovative cities are the solution to the US housing crisis

We design, manufacture, and install the world’s most sustainable, prefabricated, affordable, rapidly built US cities with clean technology infrastructure 50% faster and 50% more affordable than traditional construction

BREAKING NEWS: We are very proud to been recognized as one of the top construction technology companies in the world. Click here to learn more


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ARCbuild - Affordable Resilient Communities

Is partnering with Mayors in the US to build sustainable, scalable cities

ARCbuild’s proprietary manufacturing and controlled global logistics processes utilize innovative, rapidly assembled, prefabricated steel modular building systems easily shipped anywhere in the world.


These homes are the most sustainable product available on the market today, each one integrated with a full suite of clean technology options making them 100% off-grid with independent power and water supply. This allows the homes to be built in any location remote or otherwise.


This is what makes our homes unmatched and so unique:

Present examples of how ARCbuild can cater to both urban and rural settings, providing flexible housing solutions that fit the unique characteristics and needs of different areas within a city.

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Previous Projects

Previous projects

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ARCbuild Downtown Los Angeles (2018, USA)

A 1,280 square foot, two-story, grid-independent, clean technology home assembled in 48 hours

Untitled design - 2023-04-25T130119.389.png

CES Atmospheric Water Generation (2021, USA)

A pop-up, tiny home displaying our ability to create delicious, safe, and healthy drinking water from sunlight and air

Untitled design - 2024-01-23T211231.054.png

Baja California (2023, Mexico)                   

A 640 square foot, multi-story, single-family unit with off grid blackwater, water and solar power

Untitled design - 2023-04-25T140156.689.png

San Jose Homeless Shelter (2019-2020, USA)

Emergency homeless shelter project in Silicon Valley in Northern California

Untitled design (87).png

Downtown Los Angeles (2022, USA)

A Two-story, 480 square foot showcase inspired and collaborated with Los Angeles City Designers, LADBS & HUD

Untitled design - 2023-04-25T140629.320.png

Coming soon in 2024

Affordable Resilient Communities with clean tech infrastructure

To explore all of our 16 previous projects get in touch to schedule a call

Click here to view a complete Catalog of ARCbuild housing.


The Process

Our homes can be built 20-50% cheaper than traditional building methods and completed in 60-90 days



Los Angeles

"Most of your competitors targeted Market Rate, after the pandemic everything changed, and their supply chains were destroyed. ARC is the only company with not one but 5 clean tech infrastructure solutions. This will fast track maybe 1,000’s of projects all waiting for approval."

- Former Mayor of Calabasas / Current Planning Commission

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"We're impressed by your ability to deliver affordable housing. Your innovative approach and expertise in systems, training, cleantech, and utilities have the potential to transform the government housing sector and open 500,000 projects in the USA. We look forward to working with you."

- Department of Housing and Urban Development, USA


Coming soon

ARCbuild is soon going to announce Affordable Resilient Communities

The A.R.C. initiative and cooperation with municipalities, non-profits, developers, and government aims to transform the built environment... sustainably

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